Glen Rock & Winsborough To Be Renovated

posted on Nov. 7, 2017

Have you ever stayed at The Winsborough or Glen Rock Inn? If you have, it’s likely you’ve noticed our two largest lodges are a little, well, out of date. Good news: we have some renovations planned, and a few more that we’re dreaming about.

For the next two weeks, we’ll be fundraising to give these two buildings a boost. We want your help raising money for the renovations, and we’d love you to help us spread the word.

This post includes information about planned and proposed renovations to The Winsborough (capacity: 61) and Glen Rock Inn (capacity: 33). To support these renovations, visit and note “Glen Rock & Winsborough renovations” in the Additional Information section of the form.

The Winsborough


A little fresh paint will revitalize any room! We’re planning to paint each of the 31 guest rooms in Winsborough.

Curtains & Bedding

Floral is timeless, but maybe not this particular floral. There are quite a few beds in Winsborough, many of which need new bedding. We’re also going to install new curtains in the whole building.


We thought about trying to get away with calling it millennial pink, but the reality is that it’s time to replace that carpet. We’re slated to replace the carpet in the hallway and bedrooms.


Who doesn’t love upgraded bath fixtures? Some of our bath fixtures are just too old, and so we’ll replace what we can with new, upgraded fixtures.

Glen Rock Inn

New Roof

First things first – there’s no point in fixing anything else if we can’t keep it dry!


What can we say? The green has got to go. We’re replacing the carpet in the hallway and stairs.


We really can’t over-emphasize keeping it dry inside buildings.


Like we said at the beginning of this post, fresh paint can go a long way! We’re planning on new interior paint throughout Glen Rock.


There are a few things we’re doing that aren’t listed in this post, including water sealing behind the kitchen in Winsborough, extending walkways, repairing steps, and other necessary maintenance. We have so much we could improve in both of these long-standing buildings. To support the renovations of these two buildings, visit and note that you’re supporting the “Glen Rock & Winsborough renovations” in the Additional Information section of the form.

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