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Neighbor 400x250Neighbor: Being Christian in a Multifaith World
October 12-15, 2015

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  • Monday afternoon keynote, Brian McLaren
  • Monday evening worship, Frank Thomas
  • Tuesday morning keynote, Judy Schindler
  • Tuesday night worship, Frank Thomas
  • Wednesday night worship, Frank Thomas
  • Wednesday morning keynote, Najeeba Syeed-Miller

Keynote with Brian McLaren

Brian McLaren’s PowerPoint Presentation:

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Keynote with Judy Schindler

Download the Text Study on “Love Your Neighbor As Yourself” – Leviticus 19:17.

The Five Steps to Loving Your Neighbor

V’ahavtah l’reachah kamochah – love your neighbor as yourself

  • Step One – Know your neighbor’s name and your neighbor’s similarities and differences.
  • Step Two – Know the basics of your neighbor’s faith.
  • Step Three – Know your neighbor’s story
  • Step Four – Know your neighbor’s pain
  • Step Five – Use your voice to help your neighbor and respond to your neighbor’s pain.

Love Your Neighbor
by Ruth Brin

In the center of the Torah is the book of Leviticus,
in the middle of Leviticus is the chapter on holiness,

At the core of the chapter on holiness
is the command to love your neighbor as yourself.

You are in the midst of Israel,
trying to begin by loving your neighbors.

But before you can love your neighbor,
you must have achieved love of yourself.

Before you can revere your parents,
you must have struggled to fulfill the demands
of parenthood yourself.

Before you can love a stranger,
You must have been a stranger in a harsh land.

Lord, how can we possibly experience enough
And understand enough
To love as You love?

From the deep center of our beings, we pray:
Lead us toward wisdom and humility,
Teach us compassion and understanding,

For we long to feel the holiness of Your presence
At the inmost center of our lives.

By Rabbi Harold Schulweis

God is not in me nor in you. But between us.
God is not me or mine nor you or yours. But ours.
God is known not alone but in relationship.

Not as a separate, lonely power
but revealed through our kinship, our friendship
through our healing and binding and raising up of each other.

To know God is to know others
to love God is to love others
to hear God is to hear others

More than meditations within
more than insights within
more than feeling within

Between us are claims, obligations, commandments
to act, to do, to behave our beliefs

I seek God not as if He were a person alone,
He or She, a process, a power, a being, a thing.
I seek God not as if I were alone
a thinker, a meditator, a discrete entity.

I seek God in connection in the nexus of community
I pray and celebrate the betweenness that binds and hold together.

Even alone I am sustained by my memory of our betweenness.
and the promise of our betweenness.

God is not in me or in you or in Himself
but in betweenness
and it is there we find the evidence of God’s reality and our own.

by Aaron Zeitlin

“Praise me,” says God, “And I will know that you love me.
Curse me, and I will know that you love me.
Praise me or curse me, and I will know that you love me.”

“Sing out my graces,” says God.
“Raise your fist against me and revile,” says God.
“Sing my praises or revile,
reviling is also praise,” says God.

“But if you sit fenced off in your apathy,
entrenched in ‘I don’t give a damn,’” says God.
“If you look at the stars and yawn,” says God,
“If you see suffering and don’t cry out,
If you praise and don’t revile,
Then I created you in vain,” says God.

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Keynote with Valarie Kaur

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The Prayer of Valarie’s Grandfather

Transliteration from Punjabi

Tati vao na lagai, Par brahm sharanai
Chaugird hamare Ram kar, Dukh lage na bhai
Satguru poora bhetya, Jin bant banai ji
Ram nam okhadh diya, Eka liv lai
Rakh liya tis rakhan har, Sab byadh mitai
Kaho Nanak kirpa bhai, Prabh bhayo sahai

English translation

The hot winds cannot touch me.
I am sheltered by the divine.
On all four sides I am shielded by the divine.
Sorrow cannot consume me.
I have met the true and perfect one who created all of this.
I am healed in God’s name. I am merged with the One.
The Keeper has kept me and taken away what ails me.
Nanak says, grace has fallen upon me and the divine has
come to my side.

Keynote with Najeeba Syeed

Allison Purves Best Practices Workshop

Worship Resources

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