The mountains are calling and I must go. -John Muir
Montreat Conference Center
Montrek (n.)
An experiential journey of the mind, body, and spirit through education, adventure, and service.

What we’re doing

Montreat Conference CenterMontreat Conference Center is partnering with Camp Grier to provide an exciting program for elementary, middle, and high school groups that blends wilderness adventure, service, and spirituality. Our program focuses on developing the heart, mind, body, and spirit of each student so they can envision a peaceful and just world and develop the confidence, perseverance, and judgment to make that vision a reality. Wilderness provides a unique space and daily rhythm away from distractions where this vision can be explored and these skills can be cultivated.

Montreat Conference CenterNestled in the Black Mountains of Western North Carolina, both Camp Grier and Montreat Conference Center are surrounded by natural beauty. Our wilderness programs are designed to help groups experience the natural world, feel the thrill of adventure, and be challenged in new ways. Whether you are hoping for an exciting week of challenging activities, looking to hone some skills for a future outdoor excursion, or just want to build relationships and enjoy some fellowship in the mountains, this experience will help your group to grow as individuals and as community.

All lodging, food, and program fees are covered in one low price. This is a great opportunity for schools to provide students an experience that will help them to grow personally, educationally, and spiritually outside the classroom.

Who can participate?

Montreat Conference CenterOur wilderness programs are specifically designed for school groups. These programs are perfect for individual classrooms, specific grade levels, or as transition programs when students move from elementary to middle school or middle to high school. Our programs can also provide a capstone experience for graduating seniors.

Montreat Conference Center Assembly Inn guest roomWhat sets us apart

Montreat Conference Center has the capability to house over 400 individuals in a variety of accommodations including a recently updated hotel and various lodges. We are surrounded by approximately 2,500 acres of pristine wilderness that is permanently protected and will never be developed.

How it works

Our staff will work with your team to choose the right activities and build the right sequence to meet your desired goals and outcomes.

Tracks Available

Environmental Education – Environmental education activities aligned with the NC Standard Course of Study for K-12:

  • earth science
  • biology
  • environmental science

Montreat Conference CenterAdventure Education – Day trips or multi-day expeditions that can include:

  • hiking/backpacking
  • rock climbing
  • whitewater paddling
  • horseback riding
  • mountain biking

Service Learning – We can work with one of our service and mission partners in the greater Asheville area. Service learning topics include:

  • homelessness
  • poverty
  • global and local hunger
  • animal rescue

Integrated Track – Combine all three tracks into a one week or two week course.

Montreat Conference CenterFlexibility

We can customize tracks to fit a myriad of schedules. Whether you are looking for a full day, two day, or multi-day experience, our program can be created to fit your needs.

Interested? Contact us at for more information.

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