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The Montreat Conference Center is a private Christian institution that strives to demonstrate intentional hospitality to all. As a key part of that commitment, we will not tolerate discrimination on our campus against any child of God, including discrimination on the basis of race, ethnicity, ability, gender identity, gender expression, or sexual orientation.

In the spirit of this statement, we will continue to invite our conferees, guests, and visitors to use the restrooms in which they feel most comfortable. View President Richard DuBose’s full response to the North Carolina legislature commonly referred to as HB2 here.

Below are more rules, practices, and policies of the Mountain Retreat Association, dba Montreat Conference Center.

Robert Lake Park is owned and maintained by Montreat Conference Center. The park is open publicly to individuals and families from dawn until dusk. Alcohol, firearms, and dogs are prohibited in Robert Lake Park.

Groups that are not directly linked with the Montreat Conference Center are asked to submit a permission request before coming to the park to the Front Desk of Assembly Inn at or 828-669-2911. Similarly, the front desk should be contacted to reserve the gazebo for parties, gatherings, etc.

The Mountain Retreat Association Wilderness and Hiking Trail System is protected by conservation practices and is privately owned land. Groups that are not directly linked with the Montreat Conference Center are asked to submit a permission request to Jason Nanz,

The Mountain Retreat Association Wilderness and Hiking Trail System is a hike-at-your-own-risk facility. The rules and regulations are posted for your safety and enjoyment. Please read the full rules and regulations before hiking.

Camping is permitted only at the Montreat Campground. To reserve a campsite, contact the Front Desk of Assembly Inn at or 828-669-2911.

There are several picnic areas leading up to the campground which are open to the public by reservation. Camping is not permitted in the picnic areas. To reserve a picnic area, contact the Front Desk of Assembly Inn.

Lake Susan is owned and maintained by Montreat Conference Center.

Fishing is allowed in Montreat’s streams and in designated areas of the lake with a permit.  Permits can be purchased at the Front Desk of Assembly Inn and at the Montreat Store. Find permit rates here. Refer to signage around the lake for fishing/non-fishing areas.

During the summer months, canoes and paddle boats are available from 2:00-6:00pm for $4 per half hour.

Montreat encourages the responsible use of our outdoor spaces when they are not in use by the conference center. These properties include Welch Field, Moore Center Field, Anderson Lawn, the Dowd Green, the Prayer Path at the Walk Jones Wildlife Sanctuary, and the Roddey, Jones, and Boyd picnic areas. Inquiries about availability of any of these spaces should be directed to the Front Desk of Assembly Inn at or 828-669-2911.

Mountain Retreat Association prohibits firearms on its property.

Tobacco use, including cigarettes, smokeless tobacco, and e-cigarettes, is only permitted out of doors where urns are found.

Montreat Conference Center  is committed to providing a safe and secure environment for all children, youth, employees, and volunteers who participate in ministries and activities sponsored by the center. The Juvenile Protection Policy reflects our commitment to preserving Montreat as a holy place of safety and protection for all and as a place in which all people can experience the love of God through relationships with others.

Each event or reservation has a unique cancellation policy. To learn more about a specific cancellation policy, visit the event or reservation registration page. Further inquiries can be directed to the Front Desk of Assembly Inn at or 828-669-2911.

By participating in a program or attending an event at Montreat Conference Center, your image, name, and voice, as well as any presentation, speech, or written document submitted by you may be used, reproduced, and/or modified for use as publicity in a variety of media including, but not limited to, print, video, photographic, television and radio broadcasts, and sound recordings, all of which may be available on the Internet. If you have questions or concerns, please contact the conference center Marketing Department, 828.419.9808 or email Tanner Pickett, Vice President for Sales, Marketing and Communications at

Representatives of the media are always welcome at Montreat Conference Center. The following guidelines are intended to let you and/or your crew know what to expect while on our premises:

  • When you are planning to cover a Montreat conference on behalf of a legitimate publication or other media outlet, you will be asked to register as an official “conferee.” To expedite your registration, please contact the Vice President of Sales, Marketing, and Communications, Tanner Pickett, to notify him of your interest in reporting on the conference. Please tell her the name of the publication, station or other media outlet for which you will be acting as a representative, and, upon arrival at the conference center, show the appropriate credentials. You will then be given a media pass (press badge) that we ask you to wear to help our employees identify you.
  • Conference registration fees are waived for all official media representatives. Cost of room, board, and transportation are the responsibility of the media representative.
  • All plenary, workshop, worship, and entertainment events associated with our conferences are open to media coverage. For coverage of individual workshops, we would ask you as an observer to display both sensitivity and discretion, as individuals may be grappling with issues of a personal nature. Any stories or quotes emerging from a workshop experience must be given prior approval by the speaker and the Vice President of Sales, Marketing, and Communications before release. For coverage of worship services, no flash photography is permitted. Permission for videotaping of worship services (without additional lighting) is at the discretion of the Vice President of Sales, Marketing, and Communications.
  • Food, drinks, gum or tobacco products are not permitted in Anderson Auditorium, or in most of our conference center buildings and facilities. Smoking is only permitted out of doors and only where urns are found throughout our campus.

Visit the media guidelines page or the press room for more information.

If you have questions or need additional information, contact Tanner Pickett, Vice President for Sales, Marketing, and Communications at or 828.419.9808.

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