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Do you believe beauty could be a resource for creating change in communities? A source of healing for hurting souls? A way of engaging in a more productive conversation? We do.

Radical Beauty was a conference in October of 2017 of people who believe there’s a better way to engage in dialogue across all sorts of differences, who believe that art can build community and cross divides.

Radical Beauty used a cyclical model of engagement to explore how we can use art to create and cultivate beauty. Each cycle began with an artistic experience – a concert, a film viewing, a poetry reading – followed by a facilitated conversation about how that experience, and others like it, can build community. Each experience concluded with time for reflection and renewal in an innovative sacred space, led by Pete and Joyce Majendie.

Downloadable PDFs

Resources from Radical Beauty Staff

Carol Steele’s Welcome to Montreat Conference Center

Resources from Pete and Joyce Majendie

Poetry Bibliography – the poetry used in Sacred Space

Handmade Flax Paper – written by Pete Majendie


Useful Links: Presenters

The Porch Magazine: a slow conversation about beautiful and difficult things

The Movies and Meaning Festival

Natasha Trethewey

The Abraham Jam

Dawud Wharnsby

Billy Jonas

David LaMotte

The People’s Supper (topic of the Brave Space workshop)

The Saint John’s Bible

Let’s Be Neighbors


Useful Links: Exhibitors

Sanctified Art

Hood Huggers

Wild Goose Festival



You may have noticed fellow conferee and photographer John Peterson taking pictures during the conference. You can view his photos here!

You can view photos taken by Montreat staff here!


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