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Summer Staff applications now available!
January 13 — Priority Deadline

Montreat Conference CenterPlease read below for all you need to know about applying for the 2017 Montreat summer staff:

  • FIRST, download and read our Summer Staff Job Descriptions.
  • NEXT, download and read the General Information Sheet – this is important!
  • THEN, fill out the 2017 Summer Staff Application Online. If you haven’t applied online before, the first thing you’ll have to do is create an account. If you created an account last year, use the same login info. Don’t worry, the website will save partially completed applications if you need to come back to it later.
  • PENULTIMATE NOTE: before filling out the form in the next section, save it to your computer. Internet browsers will not save the information typed in the form.
  • FINALLY, download the Summer Staff Job Reference Form to your computer, sign the top section, save the form, and distribute it to three references for their completion (2016 summer staff can skip this step).

If you are a singer, you’ll also want to check out the information on Montreat Summer Singers (below). Download the Montreat Summer Singers Information Sheet and fill out the Summer Singers Application Online (both available later).

If you don’t want to apply online, you can download the 2017 Summer Staff Application PDF. If you prefer a paper copy of the application in the mail, please request one by writing to and giving us your mailing address.

PS: If you don’t receive a reply from us confirming receipt of your application within two business days, it means that we have not received your application. Try to send again, or contact us at

General Information About Montreat

Montreat is one of three major Presbyterian conference centers in the United States. We share in ministering to people of all ages and provide a safe place for children from six months to graduating seniors to come and spend some of their summer.  In order to keep the conference center running throughout the summer we require the help of 130 or so summer staff who like to work and play hard.

Montreat is nestled in a mountain valley with gorgeous scenery and wilderness activities. And if you are looking for a place to escape during the off hours, the city of Asheville is a short twenty minute drive away. There is still plenty to do inside the gate of Montreat. There are evening Bible studies, weekly community events, pottery, swimming, barn dances, and everyone on staff is allowed to attend any conference activity outside of working hours.

Summer Staff Life & Work

Montreat Conference CenterHousing On-Site
Montreat Conference Center has limited housing in Sylvan Heights, Balsam Lodge, Lookout Lodge, and other possible sites. Each lodge has laundry facilities and a fully-equipped kitchen for staff to prepare their own meals. Those in MRA housing will be charged $2.50/per night (deducted from paycheck). Consideration will be given to need. Sylvan Lodge (sleeps 20 people) is an old house on a hill with high ceilings and a porch. Rooms are shared by 2-5 persons. Balsam Lodge (sleeps 20 people) has a big porch and rooms that sleep 2-4 people. Lookout Lodge (sleeps 30 people) is a 3-story old lodge with lots of character and a full porch. Rooms sleep 2-4 people. Other housing may be secured to meet special needs, and some may be located outside of the Montreat gate. Finding your own private housing is a possibility, but most find it expensive and scarce.

Summer Staff are responsible for providing their own meals. Those living in lodges have cooking facilities. Meals can also be purchased with staff discount in the Assembly Inn’s Galax Dining Room, Huckleberry Cafe, or Howerton Cafeteria.

Compensation & Benefits
See Position Descriptions (listed in the summer staff application) for wage information. The typical work week averages 40 hours per week, although some positions will require more than 40 hours a week during certain weeks. Staff who return for consecutive summers and whose current position is not in a higher bracket receive a $50 annual salary bonus. Summer Staff participate in the recreation activities (tennis, boats, some staff craft privileges, and swimming) at reduced rates or free of charge. A collegiate ministry is provided for Summer Staff by students from Union Presbyterian Seminary. Summer Staff will have an opportunity for Bible study, group discussions, and various programs and activities for fellowship and spiritual growth. Summer Staff are invited and encouraged to participate in the Montreat Conference Center Sunday worship services in Anderson Auditorium. Opportunities are available for participating in the leadership of these services.

2015 summer staff aud av olympics 400x250Leader Development & Flexi-Staffing
We encourage staff meetings and leadership development. Summer Staff may be flexi-staffed from one area to another on occasion. The nature of the Conference Center is that it is impossible to know ahead of time exactly how many people will participate in the conferences and various activities. Conference sessions may necessitate a change of work hours and stations and may include evenings or weekends for some who are not normally scheduled at those times. In most cases, we will be able to anticipate flexi-staffing from week to week and avoid overloading individuals.

College Credit
Some summer staff positions may be eligible for college or graduate school credit. To find out if a position you are applying for qualifies, contact the appropriate department at your school. We will do whatever we can to help work with you and your school to make the credit possible.

Want to learn more? Get answers to some of our frequently asked questions about the summer staff program!

Montreat Summer Singers

If you like to sing, you’ve come to the right place!  This summer will bring back the Montreat Summer Singers! This is a choral ensemble of selected summer staffers who enjoy rehearsing and singing at a high level of musicianship and in a wide range of music. In the past, we have sung choral classics, spirituals, gospel songs, global music, and even the Beatles. Download the Montreat Summer Singers Information Sheet and fill out the Summer Singers Application Online (both available later).

Summer Staff Expectations

Summer staff are expected to be responsible on the job and on Montreat grounds, and to represent Montreat well off the premises. Conference Center staff are part of a ministry delivering a Christian service to the community in Montreat. All staff members are expected to behave in ways compatible with the Christian faith and with the customs, policies, and ideals of Montreat. In accepting a position, staff agree to:

  • Participate in the ministry of Montreat Conference Center and abide by its policies.
  • Demonstrate Christian actions and behaviors that are a model for children, young people, and conferees.
  • Be a positive contributor to Montreat Summer Staff community life.
  • Accept extensions of duty, other positions, and responsibilities assigned.
  • Be positive role models to children, families, and guests with regard to behavior and appearance: no excessive facial jewelry or body piercings, or inappropriate tattoos. Staff should observe appropriate dress based upon work area.
  • Refrain from smoking on the job, or in public places where others may be influenced, especially children and youth (MRA buildings are smoke-free);
  • If living in Montreat Conference Center staff housing, abide by lodge rules and be responsible to the Resident Advisors.
  • Abide by N.C. laws concerning the use, possession, and sale of alcohol on and off Montreat Conference Center grounds. The use of alcoholic beverages by summer staff in any Montreat Conference Center-owned and operated building or grounds (regardless of person’s age) is prohibited.
  • Abide by Federal and state laws concerning the use, possession, or sale of illegal drugs. Unauthorized use, possession or sale of controlled substances is prohibited both on and off Montreat grounds. A violation of this rule will result in immediate dismissal.
  • Abide by all Federal and State Laws

Montreat Conference Center has the right to terminate the employment of any person who fails to abide by these conditions, who performs unsatisfactorily in the job, or whose behavior is considered detrimental to the best interests of the Conference Center.

For further information please email

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