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Montreat "Bridges"

Montreat Bridges Volunteer Job Description

Members of the Montreat Bridges Volunteer Group work through the Church Communication and Outreach office at Montreat Conference Center and act as representatives of Montreat beyond the gates and throughout the country. Their purpose is to develop and maintain relationships as advocates of Montreat Conference Center and its ministry. They serve as liaisons between the conference center and her constituents. Responsibilities are:

  • Stay informed about Montreat Conference Center, including knowledge about current conferences and programs offered, staff people and their responsibilities, the history of the conference center and financial information that will assist in reaching the conference center’s fundraising goals;
  • Come to Montreat Conference Center at least one time a year in addition to an annual training event;
  • Attend an annual training retreat, hosted by staff at Montreat (travel expenses not included);
  • Contact churches to communicate opportunities at Montreat and encourage conference participation and financial support;
  • Assist the Director of Church Communication and Outreach in arranging “Montreat Sundays” or special events in local congregations and Presbyteries;
  • Attend Presbytery meetings and host an information table on behalf of Montreat;
  • Participate in the Montreat Fund;
  • Communicate regularly with the Director of Church Communication and Outreach about needs that arise within Montreat constituencies.

Montreat Bridges Incentives

Bridges will earn a 50% discount on their conference fee* if they attend two promotional/presbytery events in one year or a free conference fee* for attending three or more promotional/presbytery events in one year.

*Discounts are for Montreat Conference Center sponsored conferences and covers program fee only – housing or meals not included. One discount may be applied per calendar year.

If you would like to volunteer or recommend someone to be part of the Montreat Bridges Program, please contact Lauren Mathews, laurenm[at], or call 828.669.2911/800.572.2257, ext. 348.

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